As the average temperature rises, we can feel the effects of it all around us. Stronger sun rays and sporadic rain leave us feeling hot and dehydrated more often. The same goes for the local vegetation and animal life too. Fresh water is becoming an increasingly scarce natural resource and should be used as efficiently as possible. Proper irrigation systems can help you save money and the environment if done correctly. Here are a few reasons why investing in a proper irrigation system is needed in Florida.

Self Care

Watering plants yourself can be therapeutic but much can go wrong. Early morning between 4:00-8:00 am is the best time to irrigate your yard. The cool temperature allows for water to soak into the ground and get absorbed by plant roots. Additionally, the excess moisture accumulated on leaves during this process has enough time to evaporate before the midday heat. Water that remains on the blades of grass for extended periods of time can suffer from turf diseases, fungus and bug infestations, so it is best to not irrigate at night if possible. Programming your irrigation settings to run in the morning can greatly improve your grass and your nighttime sleep.

Automatic sprinklers are a great option for many reasons. Day after day, your plants take a beating from the heat with only a few chances of a break. While rainstorms accumulate rather quickly, they usually last just as long. Providing proper water supplies to your plants is a must if you plan to keep your yard looking lush – and Watering your plants in the early morning is ideal to avoid the sun at its hottest. Automatic sprinklers take away the pressure of scheduling time to water your lawn before and when you are away for any reason.

Health and Safety

Often a clear give away by significantly discounted prices, some irrigation systems are installed without the proper materials. Serving as a safety precaution, backflow prevention devices are required by the state to keep water that has made contact with the sprinkler system separate from the drinkable water. Improper installation methods that exclude necessary elements can become hazardous for a homeowner.

Save on Utilities

Watering your plants can become costly. Fluctuating between months, the amount of water your lawn needs changes, as will your utility bill. To keep things under control, automatic sprinkler systems are a great way to manage your water use from month to month. Designated irrigation zones can be set on different timers depending on exposure to the sun or other compromisable issues. Plants that require more water can be grouped with other water-loving plants but separated from your drought-tolerant plants. Utilizing different amounts of water sprayed out of each zone allows plants to flourish while decreasing wasteful use.

Irrigation shut-off devices were designed with the owner in mind. Rain sensors on your irrigation system detect when a certain amount of rain has fallen – and they make sure your automatic irrigation system does not continue to run when it is not needed. Shut-off devices conserve water and reduce wear on your system, saving you money now and in the long run. Rain sensors are susceptible to failure, however, proper systems have a manual switch to stop water flow altogether.


One of the great things about irrigation systems is that once they are in, they usually do not have to come out. Once an irrigation system is installed and vegetation is planted, it is up to the home owner’s discretion to use it as they please. Choosing to go back to hand watering is simple and sprinkler valves can be turned off individually if deemed necessary.

Irrigation System Installation in Florida

When researching irrigation systems keep in mind that opting for a proper installation will ensure your chances of not having to rip up your yard a second time. Beautiful landscaping adds to the equity of your home and is a great display of how you present your personal style. If you are considering installing an irrigation system on your property, look no further than the professionals at Florida Lawn Enforcement. Not only do we install and maintain your irrigation system for you, but our lawn maintenance and landscape design services can help reward you with the yard you deserve. To learn more about us and what we offer, contact Florida Lawn Enforcement today!