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Florida Landscaping All Year-Round

When should you landscape in Florida? The short answer is that landscaping services will vary throughout the year, and are typically necessary throughout the year for Floridians. There are several different things that need attended to in your Florida lawn throughout the year, so it is important to work with a professional company who will be aware of the right times to tend to different areas of your landscape. Below, we will go over some of the important landscaping tasks that are necessary in different times of the year, so that you know exactly when you should landscape in Florida.

Spring Season Landscaping

Spring in Florida is a great time to get your landscape in its best shape. This is the best time to do some lawn maintenance and any new landscape design changes, such as planning to add new trees or elements to your yard. Landscaping during the spring time is essential, and a professional can help you pick the right plants and shrubbery that will be able to last throughout all of Florida’s seasons.

During the spring season, a landscaper will also be very important for hurricane prep. Hurricane prep is important for Floridians, and neglecting this area of landscaping can cause severe damage to your property. Hurricane prep by a professional landscaper will involve checking all trees for damage, and pruning or removing trees if necessary to reduce potential hurricane damage.

Lastly, landscaping in Florida in the spring time should absolutely involve irrigation checks. Summers in Florida are no joke, and a malfunctioning irrigation system can deprive your lawn of the water it needs to survive and stay green.

Summer Florida Landscaping

Throughout the summer, landscaping such as lawn moving, pruning of trees, and any other design needs you may desire can be completed safely.

Irrigation will remain extremely important in the summer months, so a landscaper may incorporate more frequent (or less frequent) watering depending on the weather conditions and the state of your lawn.

Hurricane cleanup may unfortunately be necessary during the summer months in Florida, as well as general maintenance after tropical storms. This may include picking up debris, trimming trees, or chopping wood from fallen trees.

Florida Fall Landscaping

Florida has a pretty mild fall season, so we think it is the perfect time for some hardscaping projects. In addition to general lawn maintenance, this is a great time to add some new elements to your landscape, such as a nice path, fountain, or new flowerbeds.

This is also an important time to prepare for winter weather. While winter isn’t too extreme in Florida, it is important to use a high-potassium fertilizer in preparation for the winter months — usually around October. This is because your lawn is getting less light and is subject to cooler temperatures, therefore it will be growing a lot slower. A high quality fertilizer will keep it strong and healthy.

Winter Landscaping in Florida

For the winter, make sure you are bringing in any plants that might be sensitive to cooler temperatures so that they do not freeze during the winter months. In late winter, prune your trees so that they are healthy for a nice spring bloom. Regular lawn maintenance is typically necessary during the winter because Florida does not get extreme winter weather like more northern states, so a landscaper will be able to keep your yard looking beautiful.

Florida Landscapers Near You

Florida is unique in that landscaping is needed all year round. With our warmer than average temperatures and intense hurricane season, professional landscaping will keep your landscape beautiful and better protect your property. To learn more about when you should landscape in Florida, contact the local experts at Florida Lawn Enforcement today.