It’s been a grueling winter for you and your lawn. Fortunately, the weather is going to warm up just enough to bring some much needed tender loving care to your lawn for the spring season. There are a variety of ways to treat your lawn so you can make it full and luscious once more. After having to deal with dead leaves, cold weather and the snow taking the colorful life out of it, it’s the least you can do for your property’s well being. Here’s how to prepare your Florida lawn for the incoming spring.

Bringing It Back to Life

No matter how big or small your property may be, a beautiful lawn is always the main objective. There may have been damage done by the winter weather that can be undone or improved upon as the spring hits. Bringing back life to your lawn is a challenge for those who do not know where to begin. From this point on, you can take these tasks into consideration for revitalizing your lawn.

Regular Watering

Watering your lawn is the easiest – and should be the first – task to do when you are taking care of your lawn. You may have an irrigation system set up in your yard if the property is big enough. If not, you can always resort to using special nozzles for water hoses or sprinkler heads. Water the lawn regularly whenever there is a long absence of rain in the forecast.

Replacing the Mulch

Replacing your old mulch is ideal if you want to bring nutrients and brilliant aesthetics to your yard. Old mulch will deprive the plants of getting the necessary nutrients and water from getting into the roots. Make sure you have a good amount of mulch to cover parts of your lawn that usually need it and make sure not to cover up any of your plants! Using the right mulch will capitalize on the full beauty of the property.

Fertilizing the Lawn

There are special fertilizers and lawn food meant for safeguarding and nurturing the lawn during the spring and summer weather. To maximize the effectiveness of your fertilizer, obtain a spreader that can disperse the fertilizer evenly until you have used the recommended square yardage amount. Also, spread the fertilizer when the lawn is dry so it can stick to the soil and do what it is intended upon watering.

Ready Your Tools

The better prepared you are for taking care of the lawn, the less likely you would learn the hard way if something broke on you. Make sure your gardening tools are in prime condition and are ready to use. If you have something that looks like it’s going to break or needs replacing, don’t hesitate to visit your local hardware store or garden center to find some new upgraded tools.

Reseed or Re-sod

Bare spots can be an eyesore if left unattended. Re-sodding bare spots on your lawn is a great way to cover up those open patches. Sodding should only be an option if large patches of the lawn are dead because it would take too much time and money to remove through manual labor.

For small patches, you can reseed the ground by removing the dead grass until there is only dirt left, put fresh dirt, nutrients and grass seeds in its place, water the seeds and then wait. Though it takes some time, it is a more natural alternative if you are willing to invest the time and care.

Consult Landscaping and Lawn Care Specialists

Looking for someone to really bring your lawn to life? Then a landscaping service would be a good idea to consider. If you are a Florida resident in need of the best landscaping service around, look no further than Florida Lawn Enforcement to enhance your property’s beauty. Florida Lawn Enforcement offers a variety of services and advice to taking better care of your lawn. If you have any questions or inquiries, please contact us today for expert assistance.