While lawn thatch is prevalent in many places in the country, it is especially present in Florida and can become a serious problem for your Florida grass. You may be asking yourself, what is thatch? Well, thatch is a layer of dead and living shoots, stems and roots that develop between green vegetation and the soil surfaces. This can leave the turf feeling spongy or puffy. When thatch becomes excessive it creates serious problems for Florida lawns. Below is why thatch is such a problem for the lawns in this state.

Why Thatch is a Problem in Florida

Water and Air Restriction

One of the main reasons why lawn thatch is a problem is because it can restrict water and air movement into the soil. If the thatch is dry, it has a tendency to repel water instead of allowing it to come in. If lawn thatch is wet, this is a problem because it enhances disease.

Thatch Can Become Thick

If the lawn thatch becomes thick, it will become extremely difficult to mow your lawn. It forces the mowing height to move above the soil line, while also becoming spongy. This creates less than ideal mowing conditions, and your mower will more than likely sink into your lawn. It creates an uneven level for your mowing, leaving your lawn looking unappealing.

Insects and Diseases

Lawn thatch in Florida is a perfect place for insects to live and destroy your grass. It is also associated with an increase in diseases. This is all a result of thatch accumulation that occurs in Florida grass.

Pesticides and Fertilizers

Another problem that lawn thatch causes in Florida is that it can restrict the downward movement of both pesticides and fertilizers in the soil. Since these materials cannot fully do their job, it diminishes the effectiveness of them both. As a result it makes pest control harder to keep up with, which is always a problem with Florida’s vast wildlife. Additionally, it causes an erratic and unpredictable response to any fertilizer that attempts to infiltrate the thatch.

What Causes Buildup of Thatch?

There are a number of different reasons why thatch buildup occurs, especially in Florida. In Florida the type of grasses found such as St. Augustinegrass, hybrid bermudagrass, seashore paspalum and zoysiagrass tend to accumulate more thatch than other types of grasses. Another cause of thatch is excessive plant growth, and in a climate like Florida, where there is constant sunlight or rain, plants tend to grow much bigger, faster. There are also a few different management practices that if performed wrong, can cause thatch in Florida lawns. If you overwater, over fertilize, or do not regularly mow your lawn, it can cause thatch buildup. You must also make sure to remove any clippings or it will cause thatch buildup in the area of the grass that you leave them.

Thatch Prevention in Florida

Thatch buildup in Florida has always been a problem because a number of different factors. These factors cause a number of different problems for lawns in Florida. Not only will it affect the way your lawn works and looks, but it will affect your entire landscape design. If you live in the Boca Raton, Florida area, you need the lawn maintenance services of Florida Lawn Enforcement. We have services for all of your Florida lawn needs, as well as lawn service tips to help prevent lawn thatch from happening to you. If you would like to learn more about Florida Lawn Enforcement, do not hesitate to contact us.