The look of either your business or your home from the outside says a lot about the business owner or homeowner. Commercial and residential landscape design is essential to showing your attention to detail to visitors and can increase your curb appeal. In order to keep a lush and inviting lawn, you will need to know how and why to fertilize it.

Benefits of Lawn Fertilization in Florida

Most soils are not able to provide the whole lawn with enough nutrients for the entire growing season. A healthy lawn uses a great deal of energy and lawn fertilization keeps your lawn healthy. Florida Lawn Enforcement will determine an individualized care package for the specific type of grass, square footage and type of soil at your business or home. Our lawn fertilization services help your lawn:

  • Promote leaf and root growth
  • Recover from traffic on your lawn
  • Recover from pest damage
  • Reduce weeds
  • Replace nutrients

Choosing Lawn Fertilizer in Florida

If you expect to have a healthy and lush lawn in Florida, you are going to have to choose the right fertilizer to feed it. There are a few different factors that affect the type of fertilizer you need for your lawn. These factors include where you live, what type of grass you have and the season it is. Florida, for example, has warm season grasses, which is different from transitional grasses and cool-season grasses.

Preparing for Lawn Fertilization in Florida

Before you use fertilizer on your lawn, you have to first prepare your lawn for it to happen. The first thing you need to do, as previously mentioned, is to identify what type of grass you have. Next, you will need to do a soil test on your grass to determine the pH level of your soil. This will determine the ability of your grass to use ingredients in the fertilizer. Lastly, you will need to determine the size of your lawn because fertilizers are used by the amount of square footage covered.

Boca Raton Lawn Fertilization Specialists

If you want your lawn to look its best, leave the lawn fertilization process up to the professionals. If you live in Florida and are looking to get your lawn fertilized at any time of the year, the experienced professionals at Florida Lawn Enforcement in Boca Raton can help. They can provide lawn service tips, as well as a number of different lawn maintenance services. Contact us today to get started on getting the lawn that you want for your Florida home.


Each property is different and is based on our Free evaluation and Free estimate which you will have that day of the visit or within 2 business days.

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