Getting a healthy, green lawn in time for Labor Day isn’t something that happens overnight, you have to work on it. As you begin to plan your Labor Day party or BBQ, keep your lawn in mind and follow our lawn tips for a green and luscious backyard.


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Tips for Getting a Labor Day Ready Lawn

Trim Your Trees and Bushes

Make your trees and bushes look great by getting rid of dead branches and old twigs. Using a pruner, you can trim your trees and bushes to clip away those unhealthy and wild limbs for a neater appearance. This small step can have your backyard looking better already.

Aerate Your Lawn

During the summer, your lawn can take a beating between all the outdoor barbeques and outdoor play dates. With all of this pressure being put on your lawn, the soil is most likely compacted, making it harder for it to receive essential nutrients and oxygen. Aerating your lawn can drastically improve your lawn’s ability to breathe properly, giving it a rich, green color your guests will be envious of.

Fertilize Your Lawn

Feed your lawn with fertilizer to get your lawn not only ready for Labor Day, but for the upcoming winter. Fertilizer will help your lawn look and stay healthy by promoting new root growth, helping your lawn recover from foot traffic and pest damage, replacing nutrients, and eliminating unsightly weed-growth. However, in order to have a healthy, green lawn – you must choose the right fertilizer. To choose the right type of fertilizer, you need to take into consideration where you live, what type of grass you have and what season it is.

Water Your Lawn

Water is essential to having the perfect Labor Day lawn. Watering your lawn helps your grass grow strong and makes it a lush green, but you need to make sure you’re watering it the right way. Your lawn needs at least 1”-1 ½” of water per week, year-round, so you should water it deeply 2-3 times per week. Make sure you also set your sprinklers for either dusk or dawn, when the sun isn’t blazing and the winds are low. This will ensure the water has a better chance of soaking into the lawn instead of evaporating, and decreases the chance of it being blown away by high winds.

Mow Your Lawn the Right Way

Mow your lawn before the big festivities to give it a clean-cut look, but do it the right way. Although you may want to cut your grass as short as possible, you never should take more than 1/3 off your lawn when you cut it. Cutting it too short puts extra stress on the roots, which is bad for your lawn. Also, you should be alternating your mowing patterns to prevent grass from growing differently, and routinely making sure the blades on your mower are sharp so it cuts easily.

Decorate Your Backyard

After making sure your lawn is ready to go, you need to set-up your backyard with Labor Day party essentials. Put out tables and chairs for your guests, adorn your lawn with Labor Day decorations and make sure the grill is ready to go before the weekend arrives!

Schedule Your Lawn Services

Getting a Labor Day ready lawn is easy with Florida Lawn Enforcement. Schedule an appointment with our lawn care professionals so we can make your lawn beautiful over the long weekend. Contact us today to learn more about our lawn maintenance services. We look forward to hearing from you!