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Although the state of Florida does not regularly experience the full effects of winter, there is always a chance for plants to freeze over. Plants freeze or frost over when the temperature is between 30 to 40 degrees, usually accompanied by consistent wind outside. Florida plants are not prepared or used to dealing with a freeze. In order to take care of your plants, you need to know what to look for. If your area of Florida is expecting colder temperatures, below are some useful tips to help you prepare your plants for winter.

Protect Your Plants from Winter in FL

How to Prepare Your Plants

If you are aware your area of Florida will be experiencing colder temperatures, the best way to protect your plants is to cover them. You can acquire cloth, sheets or quilts from you local nurseries to cover your plants correctly. However, do not cover your plants in plastic – it’s one of the worst ways to protect your plants from the cold or a freeze because of the resulting condensation. The goal is to reduce heat loss as much as possible, so try to find a sheet that can cover your plants all the way to the ground. But if you have plants in pots or containers, you can easily bring those inside before they freeze over.

Post-Freeze Plant Protection

Once the freeze is over in your area of Florida, carefully remove the cloth from your plants – as they needs air, light and normal temperatures as soon as possible. You also need to make sure that the soil around the plants or shrubs are thawed out from the freeze, before they can be watered. There is a chance that some of your plant leaves turned brown, but you can choose to let them fall off naturally or pick them off yourself.

How to Fix Damage Shrubs

In order to fix any damaged shrubs, you need to have them pruned and fertilized. However, do not do this until the spring. This is because the growth of the plant, if any, will not occur until temperatures rise again. Only then will you know if the plant will survive.

How to Keep Your Plants Protected

The first step in keeping your plants protected for a long period of time is to ensure that the soil drains properly. If soil does not drain correctly, it will make the plants more likely to experience cold damage from a winter freeze. Another very important tactic to keep your plants protected is to make sure that sometime in the late summer or fall you use the correct fertilizer. If it is a well-balanced fertilizer, it will help tolerate and recover your plants from the cold a freeze brings.

Additionally, one of the biggest ways you can keep your plants protected is with an original landscape design for your yard. At Florida Lawn Enforcement, we can help you with both your fertilizing and landscape design needs to help protect and preserve your plants during the Florida winter. Contact us today to get started on a plan to keep your plants protected and for all of your other Florida lawn needs year round.