Like with having a great lawn care service there are many things that go hand in hand in having a great lawn and landscaping. There are a lot of landscaping, lawn care service and lawn maintenance crews out there. Here are a few tips on some little things to look for and ask about in lawn care service. We answer some lawn care service and lawn maintenance tips so you have an idea on some things we do with our lawn care service.

Ask: How often does the lawn care service change the blades on the mowers?
A lawn service and lawn maintenance crew can only be as good as the set of blades on the mower. When doing lawn maintenance, cutting with a dull blade is not good lawn care, it pulls and shreds the blades of grass causing them to tear instead of cutting the grass, which weakens it allowing the grass to be more susceptible to disease and bugs.

What we do: With our lawn care service, we sharpen our blades weekly and replace them often to ensure we run our lawn care service and equipment at peak performance.


Each property is different and is based on our Free evaluation and Free estimate which you will have that day of the visit or within 2 business days.

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Look for: The height a lawn service cuts your lawn is cut is very important. Not every lawn is the same, just like not every lawn care service crews are the same. Some can be cut shorter than others depending on terrain and grass type. But make sure your lawn care service never cuts the lawn too short. When this happens it is called scalping. When a lawn is scalped it destroys the life support of the grass causing the lawn to turn brown which is poor lawn maintenance. Some lawn service and lawn maintenance crews will sometimes cut lawns way to short thinking they won’t have to come back as often to the property, causing damage and improper lawn care, let alone wrong.

What we do: With our lawn service, depending on the density of the grass and soil we adjust the height for each lawn. Starting off high then lowering making 1/4 inch adjustments till we reach the optimal height for your lawn.

Ask: How often does the lawn maintenance crew clean the deck on the mowers?
There is no way to tell what kind of grass a lawn service or lawn maintenance crew cut before they cut your lawn. If the lawn before is infected or sick and the lawn service crew doesn’t clean the mower, your lawn and landscaping has increased risk of being infected. Which in time could increase in your overall lawn maintenance and lawn service cost in the future.

What we do: After each job site Commercial lawn service or Residential lawn service we clean the deck and tires at same property to ensure minimal left over clippings don’t go from lawn to lawn. Also, when we cut grass that is not completely healthy we wash the deck, blades and tires at that same location. Why should someone else’s problem become yours?

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