Efficient Irrigation Systems in Florida

A large reflection of yourself is how well you maintain your yard. Upholding good landscaping habits allows you to enjoy a well-kept yard that you’re glad to call your own. When planning your landscape, make sure your irrigation system is running efficiently before you make any final decisions on any trees, shrubs and flowers. There’s no reason to have beautiful shrubbery when they can’t be properly taken care of. The grass will dry up and you’ll have to water everything by hand. Use the following tips to avoid the extra work with the watering can or hose sprinkler with an efficient irrigation system.

Regular System Inspection

A regular inspection of your irrigation is a necessary step in making sure the system is running efficiently. Checking for leaks, clogs, water pressure and filter replacements on a regular basis will promote a fully optimized system. This will help catch inefficiencies from broken parts or mishandling.

Adjust Sprinkler Heads

The sprinkler heads are arguably the most important mechanism of an irrigation system. These pieces allow the water to exit the pipes and treat your lawn. Adjust the heads in a position that will cover the largest area. Directing the sprinklers by hand will prevent water from incessantly spraying onto a fence or sidewalk. Remove anything that is obstructing the waterspouts and make sure the water is being distributed evenly. There are many different spray patterns on a sprinkler head and finding the best option, combined with proper direction, will help efficiently water the property.

Don’t Waste Water

Your irrigation system must be optimized to use as little water as possible. You’ll want to know how much is actually needed for your lawn. Every part of your landscape will require different amounts of water, so having a timer set to meet these needs is almost a required step. You won’t want to let the heads run too much or too little in a specific area. To save even more water, install a rain shutoff switch to fully shut down the system in the event of any precipitation. There’s no reason to have the sprinklers going through the rain. Let the natural rain do the job and save some water for the next time.

Consider Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation is a great option to water virtually anything in your yard. Designed mostly for use on trees, shrubs and flowers, drip irrigation provides a lot of benefits. This irrigation technique evens soil moisture levels, reduces weed growth, saves money, and can even minimize disease in your plants. This higher water efficiency will guarantee that no water is wasted. The automated system finds an equal balance of water so no plant can be over or under watered.

Water at Dawn

Did you ever wonder when the best time to turn on your system was? If you want the most efficient use of your irrigation system, water at dawn. Watering during any other time of the day is actually not healthy for plants, especially on a hot Florida day. Water evaporates very quickly when it’s in direct sunlight. This evaporation causes the plants to burn, which damages the physical body of the plant. Watering too late at night can cause problems as well. The oversaturation of water in cool weather can encourage bacteria and fungal growth. In short, turn the sprinklers on in the morning to avoid the unwanted side effects of nature.

Irrigation Installation Service in Boca Raton, Florida

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