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How to Give Your Florida Home the Best Curb Appeal

Thanks to Florida’s beautiful location on the southern tip of the nation, its exotic foliage and scenery are truly one of a kind, making the landscaping possibilities endless and plentiful for homeowners. And even though the temperatures can be hot and humid, it’s still worth a little extra time outdoors to create the best possible landscape design for your Florida home – with the help of a professional lawn service, of course.

  1. Create a Tropical Garden

There’s no better feeling than being on vacation, something that a stunning tropical garden can remind you of – especially if it’s in your own backyard. The types of tropical plants you choose to create an arrangement with depends on maintenance, aesthetics and whether or not they will do well in the shade or sun, depending on where you put them in your backyard. Queen Emma crinum lilies, crotons and coonties all thrive under the sun’s rays, and complement one another nicely. For those Florida homeowners who have a yard mostly in the shade, bamboo, orange bird of paradise and a Chinese fan palm are all great options to consider. Any of these tropical plants can be kept full and thriving with the proper irrigation system.

  1. Plant Ornamental Grass

Ornamental grass is a key element of many Floridian landscapes, adding a sought after texture and overall fullness to back and front yards alike. An added bonus? Ornamental grass – regardless of the type – is typically super low maintenance and easy to care for, so you don’t need a green thumb to keep it thriving. If you are considering this option, though, make sure you leave a mulched area consisting of at least two feet between the grass and the lawn. Since most of the ornamental grass types grow in an arching formation, it’s crucial to consider space and the location of other preexisting plants or gardens. Some great types of ornamental grass that will thrive in any Florida yard include pampas grass, red fountain grass and muhly grass.

  1. Think About Your Pool

Pools are a common find in Florida backyards, thanks to the hot weather and flat, leveled grass. If you do have a pool, don’t leave it unaccompanied and alone – make use of the space around it by considering some form of design. Installed stone pavers or slates are always a nice finishing touch around the perimeter of a pool, including a neat outlying set of matching plants and flowers. However, don’t keep your creative landscape ideas limited to just around the pool – try installing mosaic tile patterns on the bottom of the deep or shallow ends, or surrounding the inside of the pool’s walls.

  1. Make Your Own Oasis

A trip to the beach for some serious R & R may be moments away if you’re a resident of Florida, but you can create the same type of cozy-yet-relaxing atmosphere in the comfort of your own backyard. Depending on what type of budget you have set aside, consider investing in a set of outdoor table and chairs – or, take them from your deck set if need be. Checking out your options for a chimenea or outdoor fireplace is also a great addition to a mini backyard getaway. Try setting up your seating in an arrangement surrounded by flowers, plants, trees and shrubs, and outline the area with rock or stone to make it more intimate.

  1. Get Crafty with Trees

It might seem like a no-brainer, but purchasing, planting and growing trees in your back and front yards are a simple way to enhance your Florida home’s landscape design. Landscape professionals will be able to assist you further regarding exactly what trees to buy, but keep in mind that different types do better based on your location – be it central, northern or southern Florida – as well as the soil moisture, texture and salt tolerance in your yard. It’s all about figuring out where the trees should be placed and creating specific designs with them. Using them to outline walkways, accompany gardens and give your yard a little more fullness and privacy are all great ideas. No matter what types of tree you use, be sure to contact a tree trimming service that will help keep them looking their very best.

Florida Landscaping

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