When searching for landscaping services to maintain your property, you’ll need to know the possibilities available to choose from. Knowing what kind of location you’ll need landscaping for can be boiled down to two types: commercial and residential. Acknowledging the difference is integral to ensuring that the proper procedures and conditions are understood, as well as the risks that may be involved in what these individual services offer. Both lawn services are inherently the same, however, there are certain specificities that make them quite different. Here are 5 differences between residential and commercial landscaping.

Knowing the Difference

Commercial lawn services have their own nuances that make them fundamentally different from its residential counterpart, whether it is their consumer base or the complications that they tend to encounter. To further distinguish the two services from each other, we will compare them based on a number of applicable fundamentals while weighing some of the advantages versus the other.

1.    Contracts

Having a contract is important in letting a client know what they are getting from the hired service and what the repercussions are of a violated agreement. Commercial services rely on solid agreements such as paper contracts to let both parties know that there are legal implications to entrusting a landscaping business with the care and condition of a property. It is also a reliable way to establish ground rules to avoid any potential legal disputes – something that would be more prevalent in verbal agreements with a residential client.

2.    Insurance

The requirements for insurance can vary depending on who is provided for service. For residential work, a business pays in between $300-$600,000 for insurance coverage, but are not obligated to. Commercial services, however, are required to pay within a range of $1 – $2 million for insurance and must have General Liability Insurance as well as other small business policies to supplement it.

3.    Payment

Your invoice can make or break how well a business has done after all the work is completed. You would expect a stable flow of income for regular monthly maintenance for commercial clients instead of relying on small installments from residential clients. Paid installments from residential clients can vary, making them inconsistent in both payment and service. The margin of profit can dictate the amount that is being paid for landscaping services, as well as the bracket of payment that may be received. Commercial clients tend to have a smaller margin of profit but makes up for the consistency of payment due to the scale of work being done.

4.    Readiness

Landscapers must be able to do any task for any client, large or small. Commercial clients tend to have larger land than residential clients, but on some occasions could be the other way around. Regardless, the equipment and workers should be readily available and capable of all small to large-scale projects.

5.    Promotion

Getting a business’ name out to the public is key in attracting new, potential customers to acquire service. Success is typically greater resulting from residential clients since word-of-mouth travels throughout a community fast enough to garner enough interest. Since there is more personal contact with residential clients, it is easier to capitalize on getting new client acquisition. With commercial clients, it requires networking with other facilities to see who is available. Often times, you wouldn’t be speaking directly to the person who owns the business, but instead a secretary or separate branch that handles the property instead.

Making the Decision

Now that you know what separates commercial services from residential services, the next step is deciding whom to choose for the landscaping job. If you are seeking a landscaping company in Florida that will get the job done quickly and efficiently then Florida Lawn Enforcement will gladly bring justice to your property. We focus on customer satisfaction and improving Florida’s landscape one property at a time. Please contact us if you have any questions or business inquiries.