In Florida, no matter the season, there are always pests and other forms of life trying to get into your garden, yard, or home. While there are pests each season, they tend to change depending on the weather. If you own a home in Florida, it’s important to educate yourself on the common household pests you may find in February. Learn about each type of pest and how to get rid of them below.

Pests to Keep Away from Your Florida Lawn

Centipedes in Florida

These crawly critters can be found anywhere in your yard, especially a garden, as well as hidden in your doorways, baseboard and garage. You can also find them feasting on spiders, worms and snails. If you are tying to identify a centipede, look at the color. It should be a dark reddish shade of brown. Centipedes aren’t exactly pleasant to look at. On top of that, they do have the ability to shoot venom from behind their head, but it is extremely rare for a human to get stung by one. You should look out for these pests because they can become very annoying, especially during February in Florida.


Crickets in Florida

The most obvious annoyance about house crickets in Florida is the noise that they make. You will know a house cricket is in your home before you can visually locate it. They can sneak into your Florida home very easily and they are known for destroying fabrics, especially synthetic fabrics. Additionally, they are big fans of wool, cotton, and silk so be on the look out for the light brown crickets. They do not bite humans at all, but they will do some damage on your blankets, curtains and other fabrics throughout your home.


Roaches in Florida

Oriental Roaches are pests you need to be on the look out for in February in Florida because they love starting in the yard and invading your home. It is hard to keep out roaches on your own because they usually come in through sewers, drainage areas and plumbing systems. Because they live in such filthy areas and thrive in it, they are capable of bringing disease to your yard and into your home, which is why you need to be aware of the roach problems. They are black or brown with wings and they thrive on disgusting areas, foods and damp areas such as around your kitchen appliances. While they also do not bite humans, their threat level is high due to the possibility of carrying diseases.


Spiders in Florida

The most popular type of spider in Florida in February that can affect you is the Wolf Spider. While they do feast on your lawn and plants, they would nothing more than to enter your warm home during the colder winter months such as February. One notable thing you need to know about this pest is that they have incredible speed and can utilize surface tension as a platform. While they look scary, for the most part, they are scared of humans and will run away if confronted, but that doesn’t mean you still shouldn’t try and keep them out of your house and off your property.


Pest Control in Boca Raton, Florida

In Florida during this winter season, you need to make sure that any pest problem you have is under control. If you let it become a problem, it can affect your family’s home on the inside and out including your landscape. In Boca Raton, Florida, Florida Lawn Enforcement can help you with your pest control this February. We can help protect the outside and inside of your home from these February pests and much more. Contact us today to learn about our pest control services, as well as our many other lawn care services!